Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Multi-Tasking: Must read/Knit

So here I am mutli-tasking. Trying to finish Jason's Sox and read Janet Evanovich. I love Stephanie Plum and I never fail to laugh out loud when reading one of Evanovich's books. I can't wait for number 13 to come out. I am a bit scared if this is turned into a movie though. It could all be ruined by who they choose to play the characters. What do you think of the book holder? I started this book around 6ish and finished just before midnight. I am a big nerd and keep track of all the books I read, the day I start and finish (no laughing or at least not to loud). Last year I read 76 books.

I knit the gusset and turned the heel on the sock and am 1/4 into the foot. I should hopefully be finished with it this weekend so that I can go by the yarn for Isabella. Jason has been patiently waiting for his Sox and can't help but mention that it is now getting warm and he wont need the socks. It is the thought that counts right? Reading and knitting works, it just makes both a bit slower. Happy Knitting!


She'saCraftyOne said...

You're a funny lady!

Bertha said...

wow, I am so impressed with your ability to both read & knit at the same time! I've heard of this skill, but never known anyone personally who could do it! I know I can't! Though maybe one of those stand thingies would help!

Hillary said...

DUDE! I am so impressed. I also ADORE Stephanie Plum. I was introduced to her on long family road trips when my mother would get us all books on tape. It makes the trip go so fast and the books are just as funny read outloud. The woman who narrates, Debbie Mazar, is so perfect and I always think of her as Stephanie. She'd be perfect in the movie. Now Joe, he'd be harder to cast. :)