Thursday, March 1, 2007

126 things about me...26 extra being for my age

1. I got married when I was 20 at my family in laws house – it was a beautiful day.

2. My husband proposed in Germany in the ruins of an old castle.
3. I love my husband.
4. Reading is one of my favorite things to do – I could go on and on about all of my favorite books and authors.
5. I do not have a math brain. Must have calculator.
6. I acted in 'Little Shop of Horrors' in high school. I was a do-wop girl.
7. Glad I never have to relive High School again.
8. Singing is one of my favorite things to do. I do it in the shower, in the car, while at work, and of course while cleaning.
9. I dislike Southern California more then I can describe.
10. I think everyone (gays, straights, purple people, etc) should have the right to get married.
11. I only went to one party in High School.
12. I first got drunk when I was 24.
13. I have never done drugs (yuck!!!).
14. I have smoked probably 4 cigarettes in my whole life (gross, yuck, never again).
15. I love red wine.
16. I don't like beer (although Lambic is awesome!!!)
17. My husband would like it if I liked beer.
18. I learned to knit when I was 24.
19. I love to knit anything and everything. If a pattern is difficult I harass until I find out the answer so I can make it work.
20. Quilting is a beautiful art. I love the patterns you can make and the colors you can find.

21. Lists are my life.
22. Multi-tasking is something I am very good at. My husband is not.
23. I love baking.

24. I want kids.
25. We already have the baby names picked out.
26. Boston is a great city (most of the time), but I miss my family a lot.
27. I love public transportation.
28. I love cats.
29. Dogs are great too.
30. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. The oldest is 18, the next is 16, and the younger brother is 12.
31. I am very OCD about certain things.
32. I enjoy organizing.
33. I worked at 'Starbucks' for 8 and 1/2 years.
34. I started working at 14.
35. I worked 2 years at 'Burger King'.
36. I love biking.
37. I prefer Spring and Summer weather (although I could do without the humidity).
38. I have 4 tattoos with more to be added.

39. I wear glasses.
40. I can't get the hang of contacts.
41. I love email.
42. Blogging is awesome.
43. I enjoy watching movies.
44. I have to have music on the 'T'.
45. I keep a list of all the books I read, the day I start and the day I finish.
46. I have bunions and have had foot surgery twice on each foot. I expect to have to have more surgery because my big toe is starting to go back to the left.
47. I want to own a house.
48. I want to live abroad someday.
49. I want to have our first child before I am 30.
50. My birthday is in February - the coolest month ever, because of its uniquness.
51. I love my friends.
52. I am a people pleaser.
53. I hate this about myself.
54. I cry at sad parts in movies.
55. I don't like war movies.
56. I love flip-flops.
57. I enjoy doing laundry.
58. I love popsciles, especially the fruit and fudge variety.
59. I love sweets.
60. Mexican is one of my favorite foods.
61. Microsoft is evil (BSD ROCKS!!!!)
62. I want to learn a foreign language.
63. Dangly earrings are my favorite.
64. I wish I could get myself to read the news everyday. I love to be informed, but I can't seem to get myself motivated to read it. My husband is my main source of news information.
65. I want my next 2 tattoos on my shoulders.
66. My BFF is Theo.
67. I liked living in Providence, RI.
68. I want to try another city before we settle down.
69. I have not been to all 50 states.
70. I am a liberal.
71. I will never vote Republican.
72. I think US politics are messed up.
73. I think Bush is an idiot.
74. I like buying pastry cook books.
75. I like buying knitting books.
76. I read various blogs daily.
77. I get excitied at little things.
78. I like teaching/training.
79. I want to be a pastry chef some day.
80. I thought this is be more difficult.
81. My mom and I look like sisters.
82. I don't like interviews (I don't enjoy talking myself up).
83. I like cleaning.
84. I love skirts.
85. I went to JWU for pastry.
86. I went to 3 other colleges before deciding what I wanted to do.
87. I played basketball and volleyball in Middle School. I wish I had continued with at least one in High School.
88. I can't wait to be pregnant.
89. I don't enjoy watching sports on T.V. But I love going to the actual games.
90. People at work call me 'Devonshire'.
91. I like having a nick name.
92. I always have to have dessert at the end of a meal.
93. I met my husband at 'Starbucks'. He was my customer.
94. I enjoy flying.
95. I hate when people smoke (smelling like an ashtray is not my idea of a good time).
96. I enjoy going out to eat.
97. I am a bad time manager (I try to do to many things in too little time) (I get this from my mom).
98. I don't like confrontation.
99. I like driving a stick shift.
100. I have paid off 2 cars.
101. I like my name.
102. I like taking pictures.
103. Netflix is the best.
104. I love the idea of knitting exchanges.
105. I want to go scuba diving.
106. I am a boring person.
107. I am passionate about political issues.
108. I love my mom.
109. I love purses.

110. I don't really collect anything.
111. I enjoy making jewelry.
112. I like talking.
113. I am kind of shy at times.
114. I love when people post on my blog.
115. I am a nerd.
116. I enjoy staying at home.
117. I love to drink tea.
118. I don't like talking on the phone. I especially hate calling people to set up plans.
119. I like to try new restaurants.
120. My husband is 5 years older then me.
121. We have 2 cats - Nicolae and Owen. I can't wait until we can have dogs.

122. My favorite colors are pink, blue, green, and gray.
123. I love to label things.
124. I like having people over to our house.
125. I love 'Sex and the city', 'Gilmore Girls', 'Veronica Mars', 'Queer as Folk', 'Nip/Tuck', 'Wonderfalls', and the list goes on.
126. I enjoy knitting socks and can't wait to start more.


shelly d said...

WOW!!!!! That was really cute.

henke in ak said...

Wow! You and I have an awful lot in common, although or politics do differ! (I am Anne's sister.) Been reading your comments on our blog and thought I'd learn more about you! Nice to meet'ya!

Michelle said...

Popsicles are the best... gotta go check this out... it's not far from where we live:

Hillary said...

This list is so great! I was catching up on your blog in major homework avoidance mode (and also, of course, to catch up on your knitting). I don't think your boring, as your list attests!! I had no idea one of your cats has the same name as Tracey's son. Sort of funny. :)
See you Tuesday!

cece said...
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