Saturday, April 28, 2007

I've Been Spoiled: My KTE Package Arrived

Anne at otherwise known as 'The Bag Lady' is a wonderful person and I knew that well before this amazing package arrived. She and I have become friends over the course of this exchange and I am so glad that we got paired together. Everything in this package screams 'me' and Anne was so generous and thoughtful with all that she put inside. I don't think I can say thank you enough to convey my gratitude for her thoughtfulness.
Here is a close up of the bag she felted for me. Isn't it awesome!? It is in this gorgeous yarn with green and purple (2 of my fav's). She put together an amazing package that fits me to a 'T'.

Before we were given our KTE names Anne had posted a comment on my blog and I bookmarked her blog (oops!) I tried not to read her blog, but I couldn't help it. She included lots of lovely gifts and yummy candy and delicous yarn. I look forward to wiping up some socks (or rather slowly knit up some socks) with the new colors!

1000 thank yous Anne for the wonderful package that you put together for me. You are the very best!


sari said...

i like your knitters against bush button.
1. where did you get it?
2. may i use it also?
3. is it easy to put on the blog if its ok if i use it?

i like your blog! :)
looks like you got good spoiling, im waiting for my package!

Devonshire said...


No problem about using it! I saw it on a blog some time ago and then had to search for it. It used to be a blog, but it is no longer. Putting on the blog is easy....Just copy the image and save it to a photo hosting site like flickr and then use html to put in on your site like this.....
Put <> around the full thing.
If you give me your email address I can send the full html tag.
img src="address of the place you are hosting thebutton"/ Where do you blog I would love to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Wheeee I'm so glad you liked it :) And I swear that bag was going to be bigger - not much, but still! It was a treat and an honor to spoil you, and even more so to become your friend :) I'm thrilled you liked it - I wanted you to very much :D

Bertha said...

Whoa! You got Lorna's Laces AND Haribo Gold Bears??! SCORE! Those are 2 of my very favorite things! Lucky! I can't wait to get my package!

Sharon said...

Wow, you really did get spoiled!! Anne is definitely a great buddy to have. hmm chocolate..... I think I need to go find some ;-)

She'saCraftyOne said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you love your KTE package and treater! My treatee has not contacted me to say that she received my package or returned my email-- maybe she's away. Oh well.

Channon said...

Wow! Great stuff there. I love Burt's Bees products. I'm glad you checked out Anne's blog, or however we connected. Can't let my hubby see the gummies... They are his favorites, and I think he's out right now! Thanks again for all the sock help.