Saturday, June 9, 2007

I'm Back and I even got Some Knitting Done

We got back yesterday and what an amazing trip it was. We hit Munich, then Salzburg (I recommend the "Sound of Music" bike tour it was awesome), then onto Hallstatt, then to a little town called Melk, then it was a boat trip along the Danube, and lastly we hit Vienna. Here are a few pictures of our trip to whet your appetite. I will post a link to our picture gallery site when we are finished up loading the photos.

Above - this is a shot of Salzburg from the castle that sits high above the city. I got the shot from the cannon window.

Does this look familiar? This is what was used for the back of the house in the 'Sound of Music'.

I think overall my favorite city was Salzburg.We had the nicest weather there and we got to see and do a lot. Munich, I am in love with and although this trip we kind of got rained out and it was a random holiday it was still good to be there. Hallstatt was beautiful, but there is not a lot to do there. Melk was a cute town with this gorgeous Abbey that sits high above the city. The Danube although referred to as the blue river, was not so blue due to lots and lots of rain, but it was a really nice way to see the country side on our way to Vienna. Vienna is beautiful with a ton to do and see. It was the last stop on our tour and we were all a little tired, but we made the most of it with lots of cakes, ice cream, and more desserts.

To the left - is the view from our window in Hallstatt of the lake. This is the beginning of my Sockapalooza pals socks. I've named them 'Red'.

To the right - Here are some sheep that we came upon on our little hike through the valley in Hallstatt.

Side Note: Please ignore the hair a
nd clothes, we packed very lightly. LOL Here we are on the Danube and the progress made so far on my pal's socks.
Below - this is a shot of down town Vienna in the shopping district.


Bertha said...

Yay, I am glad you're back!! Wow, it looks like such a great trip! I love the picture of you on the Danube with the sock, so cute! Your partner's socks are so well travelled! Also, whoa, you and your mom look so much alike!

RoWoGo said...

For goodness sakes: Do NOT tell these knitaholics that your mother does not knit. You might lose some credibility. She DOES crochet, cook, craft,crossword puzzles,writes, needlepoint, bake, decorate,drive people insane, & adores her husband and children who can do no wrong. (And yes, she does have a yarn stash that outdates her eldest child: some in day-glo orange and avocado green that she promises never to make anything out of.) Love, your mom

Monika said...

Oh yeah, you are back! Did you great my fellow Austrians for me? ;o)
Wish I had some of that cake you mentioned!

Sharon said...

Sounds like you had a FANTASTIC trip!!! Glad to have you home though

Channon said...

Welcome back! Loving those pictures. "Red" looks like she's off to a great start too!

S. said...

If i had known you came to Munich, I would have shown you my LYS!