Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Isn't the On-Line Knitting Community Amazing?

Before I left on vacation I posted a comment on Chan's blog (who I know from Anne who I met through my first swap KTE - make sense?) about a possible tea swap and to my surprise she drew names and I won. How cool is that? She told me when I returned she would send along some tea. Well I picked up the package today from the post office and when I got home and opened it - I was shocked an amazed at what a thoughtful gift that Chan put together for me.
She sent some delicious loose leaf teas, a beautiful tea dishcloth (hand made I might add), Eclair stitch markers (how perfect are those being that I am a pastry cook? Too cute), and some lovely pampered chef tools that I know will come in very handy.Chan - many thanks for putting so much thought into this lovely gift. I will treasure it and put everything to very good use. You are a wonderful new friend and that I knew well before this box reached me!

On the home knitting front - I made my very first dishcloth! I found a pattern on line and tried following the directions but I didn't like how it was turning out -
so I took one line of the pattern and made up the rest. I used Debbie Bliss cotton (which as cottons go - it is very soft, but maybe it is not the best thing for dishcloths, because it is a bit fuzzy) I am very pleased with the result despite the fuzzy aspect. What to you think?


Bertha said...

Wow, what a nice package! Those stitch markers are too cute! Now I am hungry for eclairs (my favorite!) Your washcloth came out so cute!!

Sharon said...

That is a very nice package, congrats.

I am surprised you've never made dishclothes before. They are so fun and easy to make and you can very easily experiment with so many patterns. I have TONS of links if you want.

Friender said...

Very nice! i like the subtle pattern.

Monika said...

You found a very generous friend! Where do people find stuff like that? The eclair stitch markers? Unbelievable! :o)
Your dishcloth looks great, and I think a little fuzz doesn't matter.

Anne said...

Well isn't it lovely when blogger eats comments :( Crappy hotel connection could have something to do with it.

Your dishcloth looks GREAT! I'd agree that debbie bliss is almost too soft for cloths, but that's the beauty of knitting them - they're a great way to get to try out lots of cottons and linens if you are looking for something for a larger project.

And Im so glad you liked your package :) Chan was on pins and needles waiting for you to get it!!

Channon said...

Whew! It arrived! Now I can blog about my source for the cute markers.

I think your first dishcloth is lovely, and now, you're a pattern designer too, eh?