Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Statistics or Madonna?

Just in case you were wondering - I do still knit and am working on some projects, but for now you get to just see some finished cakes/cupcakes.

So the photo I posted previously was of Madonna. Now here is the cake finished. Madonna is made out of rolled Fondant and painted food coloring. I had a picture/stencil that I was working from but I cut it out by hand. The hair is done with my pasta maker - very handy tool in deed. The high heels on the side are cut out with the awesomest cookie cutter from my mom.

Also I made cupcakes for Jason's statist
ics class and thought it would be fun to put some actual statistic symbols on top.Ok here is some works in progress. Jason's almost 4th pair of socks. I have to
finish the heel on the second sock but they are almost there.

The yarn on the right will be my very first lace project: The Shetland Triangle (raverly link). It is a Bamboo/Silk combo and it is so soft. The yarn is Ella Rae and it is 70 % Bamboo, 30 % Silk - and yes it is as yummy and delicious as it sounds.


McJumpguez said...

Oh my, incredible! I bet they loved it!

Bubblesknits said...

Both look awesome! I'd do good to bake a box cake without burning the house down. lol

Theo said...

I have the most talented friend in the world!!

Channon said...

Very impressed baked goods and knitting! I haven't met an Ella Rae yarn yet I didn't like.

Marisa said...

Dude, that cake totally rocks!!

I bought yarn a while ago to knit the shetland triangle but haven't gotten around to it yet :( Maybe yours will inspire me to get my butt in gear...

jackie said...

this is what happens when one moves and does not have internet access. the obama cookies are the best! this was my sons first time to vote and thankfully he understands how historic it is!

the new do is sooo cute.

the statistic symbol cupcakes are very cool. and good job on the madonna cake. that was an amazing amount of work!

hope your thanksgiving was fun. take care.

Melissa said...

Those socks look so luxurious! Love the new do too! Very cute!