Saturday, March 24, 2007

Knitting Lessons

Thursday I gave an official knitting lesson to my friend Kenny. He wanted to join the ladies that I work with in learning the awesome art of knitting. He seems to think that I am starting a knitting cults of sorts. I say at least it is a healthy type of brainwash. LOL. He seems to be taking to it quite well. He has the casting-on down, and now we are working on the knitting. This is the 3rd person that I have taught and I love it. I seem to find better ways to explain things the more I teach. I'm not sure what that says for the first people I taught. If I ever plan to teach a class I better get my knitting talk down.

Almost done with the Cleo clutch. If only this little stomach bug that I have would go away. It makes knitting very difficult. I expect to finish the Cleo this weekend with Jason's Sox to soon follow.


Monika said...

Teaching knitting is awesome! I like it very much. So far I've only taught my daughter, but it makes me have to think about it and be able to tell each step, so she can understand it. I talked her through the jojo heel several times, while I was knitting a different sock. It's so much fun! And the best thing, today my mom called totally excited, she started knitting again, and she says she caught the bug from me. Some time ago she gave me all her knitting needles and stuff, and now this! ;o)

Aimee said...

Hi there--I found your blog through the Portland SnB and read down some of your archives.

In regards to the socks, I've found that casting on with needles 2 sizes too large takes care of the "too tight" problem. I do the same with gloves, and even sometimes with sweaters, if they're supposed to have a loose-fitting hemline.


zoesmomdebbie said...

Hi Devon,

I love that you teach knitting. I do too. Isn't it great to watch their faces when something they've created comes off the needles? I love that.

Can I ask you, is your blog in the new format or the old? Ever since I switched over, I can't get my progress bars to work anymore. If you're in the new format, I'd love to have your code.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


zoesmomdebbie said...

Man, you are quick!

My e-mail is:

I really appreciate this.