Friday, May 18, 2007

Anne's Contest: Desert Island Survival Kit

Here are my questions from Anne's contest for the dishcloth swap!  Thanks Anne!!
  • What one CD of music would you take?
  • I would take Maroon 5 - because 'Sunday Morning' can make all my blues go away and the cd makes me want to dance and sing along.
  • What one book?
  • Janet Evanovich - any of the Plum series books, because they keep me laughing and entertained.
  • What one hobby-related item?
        • Knitting of course - it can keep me going for hours. If it was only one type of yarn it would be sock yarn and sock patterns - they are quick and the more intricate patterns keep me focused and going

  • What one person?
  • My husband, because he can make me laugh under any situation.
  • What one food? (no, you couldn't survive on a single food, I'm just SAYING)  I love rice cakes and peanut butter, but because I would be bringing my husband - we must have pizza!


Channon said...

What a good woman/wife you are!! Pizza for the hubby... I wonder if I could be so kind?

Anne said...

I'm pretty sure I'd have to starve if it were pizza for a year - and yea, she is really thoughtful. Sick idn't it? :P

Bethany Thomas said...

Hey Devon!
I just wanted to say hello! I'm not sure if you got my last email-but I've been getting really into knitting again with my mom. I knitted two of the lace diagonal scarves (one for my sister, one for myself in a great tourquoise bamboo yarn). I'm currently into cables and lace work. I taught myself how to cable online and I'm doing this great hobo style bag in a trendsetter merino wool that is a heather grey with tones of blue. I'll have to send photos of the finished project. I'm also making my grandmother a lace scarf with a leaf pattern out of a cashmere merino blend that's super yummy (in a poppy red). The next project that I'm waiting on yarn for is a beautiful wrap in chocolate merino with mitered box pattern at the edges in an teal/tourquoise blue stripe. When the guy Barry came to the knitting store I go to for his trendsetter trunk show, everyone scooped up the pattern. It'll be beautiful! Anyway, just wanted to pass on my happy knitting thoughts to you because I'm really loving this craft. I'm so glad that we started it together! Who would have thought?? :) Hope you're well! Love, Bethany

She'saCraftyOne said...

The color is Tangerine. It's Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.