Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We have a Sock

It is finished (or at least the first one is). I am pleased with how it turned out, although I should have started working on the toe sooner then I did, but oh well with every sock there is a lesson. After these socks I plan on making myself a pair in the pattern I chose for my sock pal.
And thanks to Anne I have the yarn I am going to use.

I am going to cast on for the 2nd sock soon after this post so hopefully it will go a bit faster now that I have finished one.

With every sock I think I learn a bit more about the Kitchener Stitch, decreasing, and shaping the toe. I do hope that I also get better with each sock, because I want to make sure that the sock that I make for my pal is the best that it can be (don't want to disappoint her).

Happy Socks!


Bertha said...

Hey that sock turned out great! I also love the LL you are using for your sock buddy, she's gonna be so lucky! Have you picked a pattern yet?

She'saCraftyOne said...

Hoe does Jason like his sock(s) so far? It's beautiful! I love the variegated pink yarn that you're going to use for your own socks-- gorgeous!axfyqg

Channon said...

Love that pink yarn!! What pattern are you using??

And note that I am jealous that you actually have time to knit this week. POUT!

Jofrog said...

Yeah! Way to go! Is the fit good? Size one needles worked well for you?

Anne said...

wooohooooo you have sox!! yay! Does he like them??

Monika said...

Congrats on your finished sock! I think so too, with each item knit, I learn something, whether its about the yarn, or the stitch pattern or the shaping. It never gets boring!