Monday, July 16, 2007

Politics: Universal Insurance?

I just saw the movie 'Sicko' and let me just say how depressing it made me feel. The U.S. is behind the times in terms of taking care of the people of this country. I originally thought this movie was about the millions of people who go with out insurance on a daily basis, and although this is mentioned the movie focuses on the people with insurance who still can not afford care, insurances companies denying coverage, denying claims, and how many other countries are better off and who take better care of the people of those countries.

Whether you agree with Michael Moore (I think he is great, maybe a little argumentative at times, but for the most part I am in full agreement with his opinions).

With out giving anything away, I think this is a movie that needs to be seen. It will open your eyes to what the U.S. health care system has become and how far it has to go to stop the Health Insurance companies from being big money makers!!!

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Bertha said...

Even though I think he has a way of selectively choosing facts and statistics to prove his points, I am a HUGE Michael Moore fan and was waiting anxiously for this to be released. I saw it a couple weeks ago and it made me kind of furious. I can't believe Cuba (who we have been such jerks to for so long) would take in those sick 9/11 rescuers and fully treat their health problems for free, which this govt would never do.

Amy said...

I really want to see that movie, especially since I work in health care.

Lately, at work, I've noticed that the patients we get in are a little more sick than usual, as in they should still be in the hospital, not the PT/Rehab floor that I work on. And I've also noticed that people are being discharged before they honestly should be.

That's Medicare/Medicade for you. Ship 'em in, ship 'em out, as fast as you can. It really gets my panties in a bunch!

Anne said...

Good and bad to all systems. I've got family that lives under some of those 'better' systems, and most of the comparisons between theirs and the US systems focus on the worst of ours and the best of theirs, which isn't a very accurate portrayal either. For non-essential care, I've got family members who wait as long as a year or more to get an appointment for something. We're sorry, you wanted to go on vacation then? No, you'll have to reschedule that trip overseas, or wait another year for your chance to do this. Or an uncle who was in the hospital for almost six months for something that could be treated here in half the time.

That said, our system sucks on a lot of fronts too - I just am not sure that his movie portrays a very equal-sided story - but that's not really his business, either.

Melissa said...

We just rented a movie called "Maxed Out'. It wasn't a Moore film but similar as it was a documentary about how f-ed up credit card companies are and about how our nation is in debt. Check it out when you feel like another documentary.