Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Naughty Cats, Socks, K1 T2 Swap, and Contests

It has been a crazy week in terms of work. For those of you who know me, you know I work in a hotel and at times it can be super busy. This week was one of those. On Monday I had to bake off over 300 cookies, cut 322 brownies (thanks a bunch Daisy), finish over 200 danish and that is only the beginning. Then came the wrapping up.... This is part in way I haven't posted yet this week and to make up for that I have a few photos to share.

Our shower was dripping so they had to go in through our bedroom
wall to fix the problem and then of course they had to putty the wall and our cats being curious decided to check it out. And this is the result, Owen marked his spot! And here is with the evidence on his paw. What a stinker.And for some knitterly news, I probably shouldn't post these photos, but I can't help it. Here our my Sockza socks thus far. I am currently on the foot of my second sock and so far so good. I should be able to make the send off date no problem. For those of my friends who are doing Sockza (Anne, Chan, Jen, Bertha, Amy) the send of date has been extended, from August 2nd to the 7th. Check out Alison's site for more info on this.

And lastly don't forget about the contest for the upcoming swap (Knit 1, Tea 2) that I am co-hosting with Chan and Mary. It ends on July 20th, all you have to do is answer one little question to be in the running. If you are interested in participating in the swap the details are listed and sign ups begin August 3rd. Hope to all share a cup of tea and a delicious goody with all of you soon.


Channon said...

I love, LOVE those socks. Must make me a pair. Thanks for the notice on the Sockza deadline too!

Paw prints are always cute, but Owen needs some tips on how to hide the evidence.

Anonymous said...

ROTFL The little pawprint is hilarious!

And the socks look great!

Done a bit of shopping...have you figured out who I am yet? hehehe

KVVS pal

S. said...

the colour of the socks is just great! I need to get this book :-)

have a great weekend!

Amy said...

That is sooo hilarious! And thank you --- I needed a laugh after the night I had at work.

The socks looks great! Love the color!

Sharon said...

They could have used you on Top Chef this past week ;-)

Love the pawprint on the wall. i think you should keep it there

Anne said...

OK I'm totally jealous of your socks. And that wall.. is just perfect! haha. Can it really be a bad kitty when it makes something that darn cute? ;)

laurie said...

That is fantastic...go, go, Owen! Everyone should have a footprint/pawprint left for the future to gaze upon.
I can't wait for the Knit 1, Tea 2 to begin sign-ups! I hope I remember that date!
Hello...I'm just cruising through KVVS blogs, looking, checking out, bookmarking for future projects that will be added to my list that is so long already I may not get to them until I retire from work.

Dipsy said...

My gosh, this pawprint is so hilarious! ;))) And I really love these socks - such a great and funky color, totally happy and cheerful - beautiful indeed!

vegasangelbrat said...

Way to go Owen! lol Like marking a kids height on the wall every I'd keep it, but at least you have a picture of it too
The socks are great, love the color!!