Friday, August 3, 2007

Knit 1 Tea 2 Color Swap Open for Sign-ups

Just wanted to remind all those interested that it is Tea Time and sign ups are officially open. Please check the site (Knit1 Tea2) for all the details. We will close sign ups when we reach 150 or August 15th whichever comes first.

I do hope you will join us, it should prove to be a grand old time with lots of new friends, yummy treats and of course tea.

I will be posting my LYS finds, my July No Sheep, and of course my Color Tea Swap questionnaire tomorrow.

Happy Swapping!


Channon said...

Pout. I haven't received my July No Sheep or my Pink Yarn Junkies, OR news that my No Sheep pal got her package...

Oh yeah. But I have gotten three INCREDIBLE packages, two rather unexpectedly so there's really nothing but smiles here!

Friender said...

Hi Devon! I wanted to let you know that it took a lot of thinking, but I'm not going to be signing up for the Knit 1 Tea 2 swap (what a cute name, btw) because I feel a little swapped out right now. Gotta take a swap-break, as it were. After KVVS, i'm taking a little break and hopefully we can do another swap together soon.

oh, btw, i'm going to make some baby hats with the lovely No Sheep swap yarn you sent to me! Thanks!