Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Vote for Change: OBAMA

Jason and I just recently moved to Columbus, OH as you know and it will be the first time that our vote will count as we head into this very tight election. Ohio is one of the states that both candidates are targeting and because of this we had the opportunity to go and see Obama and Biden talk in Dublin.

This was our first time going to any kind of political rally and let me just say that if you didn't or already love the Obama/Biden ticket after these speeches, then you weren't listening.

I wanted to share some photos and also remind everyone to get out and vote - I would prefer it be a vote for Obama, but vote all the same no matter who you support.

There was over 18,000 supports at this rally with lines wrapping around each other just to get it.

Even our cats are ready for Bush to be gone....a cat toy has been loved and well shredded to demonstrate our household's readiness to move on from the Bush era. VOTE OBAMA -


Alex said...

Ooh, that's exciting! He's been to my city a couple of times (I live in a battleground state as well), but I've always had work.

KSee said...

Oh, they are both fighting for VA. As a former New Yorker VA is still fighting the Civil War. As I live in No VA it is a more diverse group while the southern part is old school. I have a Obama sticker on my car and have noticed that there are more of those than the other guy. In fact I have not seen any McCain at all.
So glad you are settling in. Can't wait to see how you set up the loft.

Channon said...

Drive just a bit south, KSee... ;) While they're calling VA a battleground state, I think the battle very well may really happen right here in my town. NoVA does seem rather solidly Obama, and when we were in Lynchburg last weekend, there were dark blue signs EVERYWHERE. Here, I see both...

Bev said...

Living in SC as I do, but being from California, y'all are giving me HOPE!!! I hate being a blue voter trapped in a red state. I hope this time will be different.